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The Larz SUPER Leash is simply amazing, unlike any other no pull dog leash on the market today! What makes it so much better than training leashes for dogs that pull?

  • Targeted shock-absorbing resistance bundles are sewn in-line to compensate for your dog’s specific size and strength.
  • It can be shortened & lengthened as you walk: to a traffic handle, heeler leash, two-thirds length, or full length of about 5’, with a maximum extension (when your dog pulls hardest) of about 2 more feet.
  • You can use our no pull dog leash as a tie-out or seat-belt attachment.
  • The Larz SUPER Leash is modular and comes with the most comfortable handle in the world; you can use it with our amazing hands-free belt, or you can purchase additional leashes to create a tandem, triple, or quad if you expand your canine family!

Bar none, Larz SUPER leashes are the best walking and training leashes for all dogs, whether they are pullers or not. Like all our products, they are designed to reduce the pain and injury caused by standard restraint and training gear, while they enhance your control. By absorbing most of the pressure caused by pulling, unlike training leashes for dogs that pull, ours make leash time together truly fun and joyful for both of you!

For even greater pain-free, healthy restraint and training, add our collar, harness, or hands-free belt to your order.

The SUPER Leash, like all our products, is HAND-MADE in the USA!

Additional Information

Weight 0.19 lbs
Dog Size

Extra Small – 6 to 15lbs, Small – 15 to 28lbs, Medium – 28 to 50lbs, Large – 45 to 85lbs, Extra Large – 85 to 130lbs, XXL – 130lbs+

Leash Color

Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red


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