Special Programs

People with Special Needs

The unique shock-absorbing and enhanced control features of our products allows people with special needs or physical impairments to enjoy the simple, wonderful act of walking their dogs. All of the aspects of our leashes, harnesses, collars, and hands-free systems that make them comfortable for dogs also relieve the strain on the walker’s body. When the dog pulls, the shock-absorbing flex section and the generous padding on the handle, collar, harness, and belt prevent the painful jerking and strain caused by other dog restraint/training gear. All of these features also give the walker tremendous control, allowing even people with significant debilitating conditions to safely and easily walk their dogs.

“I recently ordered your Z leash and it’s everything you said it was. I ordered it, not only for my 95 lb. Rottweiler, but because I was searching something that would make walking him more comfortable for myself. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery. I have a bad right shoulder and lower back problems.
The Z leash is great for me as well. Because it “interacts” so well with him, it “interacts” so well for me with my muscular ailments. Thanks guys. Your product really makes it easier on me to walk him. We’re both happy.”
Annabelle, 2010

We have also customized our hands-free leash and running belt to meet the needs of autistic children who work with specially trained dogs. Many of our customers have been referred to us through a group called “Heeling Autism.” This organization trains dogs and matches them with children. In these situations, it is the dog that often provides the control.  We, therefore, designed the Super Hands-Free System for the weight of the child, not the dog.  The belt has Velcro attachments to make it easy and quick to put on and take off.  Dog and child stay comfortably attached, allowing the dog to perform its responsibilities and the child to enjoy the comfort and security of his/her canine companion.

We want to work directly with you to make sure you receive the products that will work for your situation.  Please contact our designer, Craig, directly at c.larz@larzequipment.com. He will discuss your needs with you and, if indicated, custom-make a system for you.

Puppy Program

Leash-training is a very important step in your puppy’s journey to becoming a healthy family member and community citizen. You will want to consult with your vet about when to start training, but, when you do, it is important to use Larz Dog Products.  A puppy is still growing and it is particularly vulnerable to injury. Our products both help you effectively train your puppy and significantly reduce the likelihood of injury when he/she inevitably pulls as you begin this process.

By absorbing the pressure of the pull, Larz’s Super products protect your puppy’s throat, thorax, spine and neck. However, in order for them to work properly, they must be sized to the weight of your dog. This means that you may have to buy two or more products as your puppy grows. We know that can get pretty expensive. Therefore, we automatically enter all puppies into our PUPPY PROGRAM. This program allows you to buy your first products at the regular price and all larger sizes of the same items at 50%.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you place your first order, in the comments section of the process, just tell us you are ordering for a puppy.
  2. We’ll enter you into the program.
  3. Then, when you order the same product/s in a larger size, write PUPPY PROGRAM in the comments section and we’ll refund you 50% of the total (not including shipping and taxes).

Start your puppy out right, use LARZ!

For Professionals

Larz Dog Products are great for dog professions, especially for dog walkers, but also for groomers (you can use our shock-absorbing leash section to clip dog to table while grooming), dog boarders (buy a full hands-free system and extra flex sections and you can walk several dogs all at once!), doggie day care centers, etc. Anytime you walk with or need to restrain or control a dog, you need LARZ.

We offer a 10% discount to dog professionals. When you are ready to order, find your professional license number, and just contact us via our contact form. We’ll help you place your order and apply the deduction. Easy as that!!