The best leash ever

Posted by Beth on 6th Nov 2013

“I’ve had this leash for about a year now and I love it. It’s great for trail running with my 50 lbs. dog who has a history of pulling. When he darts after a squirrel or deer, it’s not an issue with this lead, as I can easily control him. I used to run with a normal leather leash and when he darted after something he’d nearly pull my shoulder out. The bungee-like cord on this leash really cuts down on his pulling. Also, this lead lets me take 2 dogs on a walk at the same time with no tangled leashes.”

If you haven’t walked, ran, jogged, or hiked with your dogs using the Larz Dog Products hands-free system, you simply don’t know how comfortable and easy all of these activities can be – no matter the weight, temperament, or size of your dogs!  There are other hands-free leashes and running belts, but all are thin, uncomfortable straps with a standard leash or two attached.  None compare to ours:


  • Wide and padded – so comfortable for you!
  • 3 places to attach your dog – front and each side
  • Revolutionary front sliding snap hook – your dog can run from side to side without jerking you along with her.
  • The hands-free leash comes with our shock-absorbing leash.
  • You can comfortably walk up to 6 DOGS with our system – the perfect dog walking belt for multiple dogs.