The Larz Dog Products Super Harness is revolutionary, completely unique! Unlike every other training harness for dogs on the market, our harness does not rely on pain to stop pulling – no under-arm rubbing or squeezing, no jerking, no abdomen pressure.  Our harness features a stiffened sternum section that actually stops the dog’s forward momentum and creates the leverage to lift his chest up, and shift his weight to his rear legs.  All you do is provide resistance.

“Control and safety – meet my Larz harness!

Posted by Cheri Howe

  • FRONT measurement:  Take this measurement around the chest, right behind and touching the front legs.
  • STERNUM measurement:  Take this measurement from the xyphoid process (the notch where the ribcage meets (usually 2-3 ribs up from the bottom) up the sternum to the point where the sternum bone ends (see image below).
  • REAR Measurement:  Take this measurement around the chest at the notch where the ribcage meets – usually 2 to 3 ribs up from the bottom of the ribcage.