The Larz Super Leash Series is simply amazing, unlike any other no pull dog leash on the market today! What makes it so much better than other leashes?

•  We use specifically calibrated shock-absorbing resistance bundles, sewn in-line, to address your dog’s specific size and strength.

•  It can be shortened & lengthened as you walk: to a traffic handle, heeler leash, two-thirds length, or full length of about 5’, with a maximum of extension(when your dog pulls hardest) of about 2 more feet.

•  You can use as a tie-out or seat-belt attachment.

•  It is modular – it comes with the most comfortable handle in the world, or you can use it with our amazing hands-free belt, or you can purchase additional leashes to create a tandem, triple, or quad if you expand your canine family!

Bar  none, the Larz Super leashes are absolutely the best training leashes for dogs that pull. Like all of our products, they are designed specifically to reduce the pain and injury caused by standard restraint and training gear. By absorbing most of the pressure caused by the pull, they keep it from you and your dog, making leash time together truly fun and joyful for both of you!